Tuesday, May 1, 2012

50 Shades...

Wow... it's been quite a while since I've last blogged...however, I haven't stopped reading and have quite a lot to share with you all!

Before I post about the past year, I want to update you all on the book, or shall I say books, I am currently reading. Can you guess what it is?? Everyone is talking about it now! Yes! You guessed it! 50 Shades of Grey.

I'm sure most of you have heard about this Erotic fictional story about, well, ....how should I put this....a very wealthy and handsome, yet depressed and emotionally damaged man, who is CONSTANTLY horny and wants to dominate/take full control of a beautiful virgin by making her his submissive applying sexual tastes involving bondage, domination and sadism. 
Yes, you read that right! ...To quote my father "A desperate sexual idiot. I don't get the point of this ft-up story." haha! But, nevertheless, this ft-up story is such a hit and EVERYONE is reading it. I hear about it EVERYWHERE! The radio, TV, through friends, the net, ... you name it! I must say, I personally don't think it's such an incredible read.. however, I am quite entertained and am looking forward to seeing how it will end. 

QUESTION: Who else here thinks that the amount of sex Christian and Ana are having is just a tad unrealistic? I mean they're having sex on every single page! It's a little too much... thoughts?

I am however looking forward to the movie and I can't wait to see who they will pick to play the main characters. Here are my personal choices for Christian Grey (I know they're a little older than what Christian is.. but one can wish, right?)... what are yours?:

Bradley Cooper
Gabriel Macht
Christian Bale

And here are my choices for Ana Steele...thoughts?:
Mila Kunis
Nina Dobrev
Emmy Rosum


  1. I haven't read 50 Shades yet, but it's on my list. Hope it doesn't glorify male dominated violent sex - sort of sounds like it does. Will give it a try. I found you on Book Blogs and am now following Avetura Book Worm. Please stop by my blog Kick Back Moments at http://pstrack.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Peggy!
      No don't worry... it doesn't glorify male dominated violent sex. It's not like that at all... If you like fictional romance novels you would like this one..
      Thank you for joining my blog...will go and check out yours!

  2. I actually enjoyed this series-much to my own surprise!

    To Peggy ^^ It doesn't glorify 'dominated violent sex', it teaches us a few things, one being about a different lifestyle some people choose to live...In an over-exaggerated way anyway lol. It isn't as harsh as some may think. Shocking sometimes, but not incredibly violent.

    I agree with you Aventura, the sex is pretty much on every page, surely one would not be able to walk after a week of that... LOL!

    I didn't know they are definitely making a movie adaptation- Christian Bale is a good choice!

    Found you through BookBlogs and a new follower :-)

    Vix @ http://ttoria.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Viktoria,
      Thank you for you comment!
      I'm glad you chose Christian Bale... that's my first choice too! ;-)
      Thank you for following my blog! Will check out yours too :-)

  3. HI ABW. Ive never been into this sort of literature (not since being a schoolboy anyway!) but youve got me hooked and intrigued! Now following through GFC. Mike. http://mmm-number-1-.blogspot.com

  4. Hi There,

    Hadn't heard of this book until my sister asked for it for her birthday. Don't know if it's my kind of read. My sister will let me know. Bradly Cooper is pretty good looking, but I definitely like Christian Bale. Ever since I saw him in Reign of Fire. Your blog sounds intriquing, so I'm going to follow. I write Paranormal Mysteries. My website is maryemerrell.com. Will be updated soon.

    Mary Merrell