Thursday, April 22, 2010

My first time...

Hello everyone!
Well this is my very first blog and I am very excited to write and share all of my feelings and thoughts about books, books, and more books!

Before I go into my official book blog though, I want to share a little "secret" with you guys which most people don't know about me, and that is, that just a little over 3 years ago I HATED to read. In fact, I couldn't understand people who would sit for hours and hours, and read books. I found it to be the biggest waste of time and extremely boring! Does that make sense??

Well, anyway, one day, I went to lunch with my good friends Danielle and Linsdey and all of a sudden they started talking about this book they both read and how great it was and how so very mysterious it is and blah, blah, blah. And I'm sitting there, thinking to myself "Just shoot me. Really?? You're talking about a book? Why can't you just watch the movie where you can actually see the people and their emotions, and best of all, it only takes you about 2 HOURS as opposed to days!" Well after sitting through a few more of these boring book discussion sessions with them, I decided to just go try it out and see what all of this greatness is all about. I wasn't very otimistic though, so I challenged myself to at least try and get past the first page without dying of boredom.
Danielle suggested I start with a romance novel since I am the biggest sap in the world.
Ok, good idea.
I go with one of the biggest romance authors in the world, Danielle Steel.

Well people, after that, history was made! My whole view on books and reading changed.
Not only did I finish that Danielle Steel novel, which, by the way, was "A Perfect Stranger" in just about 3 hours but I think my whole year's salary went into Barnes and Noble.

Since that day, I can not stop reading. Of course Romance novels are always going to be my favorites (Danielle Steel is amazing - and no DS haters please!) ;-), but I also love to read medical thrillers, Mysteries, Crimes, Biographies, and on and on.

One day I decided that I wanted to share my love for reading with other people.
I would read books and have questions about them but no one really to ask or discuss it with.
So a little over 2 years ago I created a Book Club in my area and have accumulated over 100 book worms. It is a group for anyone who loves to read and of course loves to socialize! We meet at various local coffee shops and discuss a variety of books. Whether it's fiction, non-fiction, paperback or hardcover, we always read and experience a new story every month.
I really love my book club and all of my books worms. Our discussions tend to get heated at times and some opinions are more agressive than others, but this is what a good book club is all about! We laugh, share stories, and make new friends and in the end, that is all that counts.

So to conclude my very first, or shall I say, introductory book blog, I am very excited to share my thoughts about the variety of books I read, and I am looking forward to all of your comments!

Aventura Book Worm


  1. too funny and very insightful! I like your honesty, keep writing...

  2. Yea! A real friend in Blog Land. Welcome! You will love it. xoxo - nicolette

  3. Welcome to the circuit, I'm sure you'll find many, many book bloggers who share your new found passion.

  4. Hi there, and thanks for commenting on my own new book blog! I have become one of your followers, and would really appreciate it if you would also follow me! Isn't it fun starting up a brand-new blog? I hope to have a few book giveaways soon, so please come on over and click to follow me!